How Many Times Can I Say Dick In One Entry?

How many people can a girl actually sleep with before she is called a “hoe”?

HAHA. I mean we ain’t about to be revealing numbers but, let’s talk. Now, let me start off by saying that if you’re one of those people (aka men) who thinks that a woman is less than for having various visitors into her lady parts, you should probably stop reading now. Like right right now. Cus we about to get real, and you’re about to not like it.

So here we go…My name is Stacey D., and I have slept with…jk. I’m not going to say. And I’m not hiding it because I’m ashamed of it but I am hiding it because by me hiding it people will automatically assume it is on the higher end of the number scale.

As I’ve written before, you guys know — I’m 26, been single for most of my life, I enjoy sex. Now for some reason it is always funny to me how men have created this image of a perfect woman where she likes sex, but only with him, where she knows how to suck dick and get a man off in 2 minutes, but she’s never done this before. Where she should be a “lady in the streets but a freak on the sheets” and where she’s supposed to have as close to zero partners as possible but come with the experience of a Brazzers porn star.

HOW? You guys…HOW???????????? It puzzles me.
I mean I started having sex with dudes when I was 21-years-old (dated girls up until that point) and my now good friend Zacq does not let me live down the fact that I was a dead fish the whole damn time whenever we talk about it. But guess what???? I didn’t know what to do. Shit I remember holding that thing and being like…”Ok it’s just so OUT there…like…staring at me and you want me to put ALL that in my mouth?” HAHA. Poor little old me. So young, naive and unexperienced wanting to venture off into the adventures of  Dickland and having no roadmap to lead the way.

Well, it’s been 5 years and a whole lot of loving since and I have matured and gained confidence since. I’ve had the lovers that showed me what I really liked, the lovers who made me reveal my inner porn star, the lovers who were packing too much, the lovers who weren’t packing enough and through all those lovers I found a sense of me.

I found out that I am a highly sexual creature when found with the right partner and I’ve found that I can literally go WEEKS without sex if I’m not sexually attracted to whoever I’m with. I found out I like a stern and dominant lover, but also one that will let me move freely and let me sometimes lead the way. I found out that you can have sex with one person for a really long time and learn SO DAMN much while being open (literally and figuratively) and I found out that you can have sex with more than three people in less than a year and not feel a thing (I mean from what I’ve heard…not personal experience of anything…)(riiiiight).

So, where does that leave us freaky women? The women who love sex yet don’t want the emotional attachment that comes with some good dick? I mean sometimes some really bomb pipe is attached to some REALLY dumb dude and you’re stuck between “I’m never seeing this asshole again” and “maybe if I just put a bag over his head?”

Then there’s the one-night-stand dick. This one in particular is only fun when you’re drunk because well — you’re drunk. You don’t know them, they don’t know you but y’all got body parts and 1+1=2. I’m not particularly a fan of this one because personally, I like some sort of emotional attachment. I mean, what’s the fun in getting some if you can’t call them up the next day and be like “Yo! I’m bored. Come over so we can try that weird position again.” I don’t know. Something about the whole “fuck-and-go” kind of dick never sat well with me. If it works for you — more power to you girl.

Oh man and don’t even get me started in the whole recycled Evil-Ex-Boyfriend dick that is SO DAMN GOOD all of the time but it is attached to the most evil creature on the planet like, ever. This particular dick is ALWAYS good but it also always leaves you crying the whole day after because while ya’ll were hooking up and he was making you orgasm back to back you pictured your wedding, you named your three children and even named the adopted dog ya’ll got in fantasy land while he was just getting his pipe wet.
Man, that’s some scary dick.

There’s the boyfriend dick, the side dude dick, the fuck buddy dick, the whenever-you’re drunk-dick…point is, there’s ALL kinds of dicks. Sizes, shapes, colors and flavors of them all but the reason why we can’t go on with our lives enjoying as many dicks as we’d like is because WE GET CALLED WHORES AND SLUTS for enjoying them.

I mean…how many of you would actually drop your real number? And no I’m not talking about those of you who met your boyfriend/fiancee/husband when you were like 2. I mean those of us who have not yet figured out what truly is of our love life, or really know how to even date anymore. You know? My single girls who are reading this thinking: “dude! I’m at like over 15 and I’m not even sure I can name every single one of them.”

LMAO. I’m here for you girl. Ain’t no judging in this blog.

This particular entry comes from the heart because it’s for the girls who enjoy themselves and have no shame in admitting they embrace who they are. I mean, embracing doesn’t mean shouting out “FORTY SEVEN!” at the top of your lungs if that’s how many dudes you’ve been with. It simply means having that one friend who gets you and won’t judge you and who you can be like “Biiiiiitch! Guess who got some dick tonight??” and she’s gonna be like “Biiitch! From whooooo?” and you guys can go on laughing and chismeando about what a good time you had without judging each other.

Those are the best kind of conversations and those are the best kind of friends (Amy & Rosio I’m talking about you). I have friend who have only been with their life partner and I’ve had friends who have told me stories that made me think I got vanilla ass sex. But no matter the number and no matter how sexual any of my girls are — I always say the same thing: YOU DO YOU GIRL. If you like sucking dick and you’re reading this — you do you. If you have been called a slut, whore, bitch, etc (and not while in bed because let’s be honest most of us like that) (oh..just me?ok) I am here for you!

Because sex is fun and we are not obligated to have to put up with shitty relationships or situations just to get a good lay in. Because maybe you’ve had one too many “love-of-my-life” kind of assholes who made you believe you guys were forever so you opened up and he left you hanging. Your number does not define you and neither who you choose to sleep with.

Loving yourself means loving all of you. Even the sex freak in you.  If any of this resonated with you,

Hello my name is Stacey D., and I too love sex.

If you now think I’m a slut or a whore for admitting to it — you should probably unfollow me and never come back to my blog again? I mean — my best stories have to do with what’s real and that includes sex, love, heartbreak and all. Also, go enjoy your missionary, vanilla, cum in 2 pumps ass boyfriend.

This one is for my girls who are about to slide into my DM like “Biiiiitch you don’t even know…..” Come through ya’ll! I’m here for it.

As always, thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more of my writing with you.

Have sex, have it often & make me proud.

With all my love,

Stacey D.

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